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Nice lady looking for gentleman part 2

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Those are the words of the real Gentleman Jack, Anne Lister. Straight up: It feels important that you know that because TV Anne is somewhat ror chill. And so episode nice lady looking for gentleman part 2 opens with Anne Lister going to visit, well, Ann Walkerher new — I believe the word is conquest? By the way: The second gayest thing is rhyming names Carey and Mary, Max and Jaxand a tertiary gay thing is gentlemann milk.

Butt sex, however, is actually sort of a straight thing since statistically more people on this earth are straight nice lady looking for gentleman part 2 everyone truly everyone loves butt sex. Anyway, Anne goes to visit Oz gay bar phoenix and they talk for hours about things like how neither of them wants to give birth relatableand Anne reveals that she once dissected a human baby as part of an anatomy lesson.

That is less relatable; like most lesbians, I used to be a nanny and that involves keeping a baby.

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Why is this show my life? Planning a trip together on your third date?

Ladj, this show is queerness. She hires a coal assistant, wears a series of great vests, and visits with nice lady looking for gentleman part 2 different Rawson brothers: That said, I honestly think we could be more on her.

What this show does well is allow Suranne Jones, who plays Anne, to show off strutting, eyebrow-raising, and meaningful-leaning skills, and be charming and likable while doing it.

The show is also very good at playing its own theme song in the background during every transition between scenes, and also at all times, really. What this show does badly, however, is provide gentlemsn sense of stakes. We see four seconds of cunnilingus in this episode, as a cutaway joke when she speaks about learning anatomy, and I for one would like more cunnilingus in this show!

However, there are two scenes in this episode I really like. She is on the fence about going but is pushed nic attend by Ann and spends the wedding dressed for a funeral, before approaching her ex and taking a long pause before speaking.

The episode ends with Anne deciding to make a last-minute trip to the lake district to see Ann. After all, her ex has found happiness.

Also Benedict Cumberbatch is in Tipping the Velvet and is, like, maybe Look it up; I swear! Already a subscriber?

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