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Facebook dating etiquette

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It's like revisiting the social drama of high school with a completely different set of boundaries.

Many Web sites offer tips on good netiquette, including some that focus on Facebook. One simple way to adopt good facebook dating etiquette is to imagine you're face-to-face with the etiiquette you're talking to.

Even people with the best netiquette, though, may let a faux pas go facebook dating etiquette. When faux pas in relationships meet faux pas on Facebook, even more disaster can happen.

Facebook dating etiquette precautions to avoid the 10 Facebook faux pas -- listed in no particular order -- described in this article. I get freaked out when datimg I don't know tries to friend me.

I assume they're trying to sell me something, stalking me or. As always, be mindful of friend-poaching, it's not cool.

In fact, it takes more energy to friend someone than not friend. Nothing good can come of.

No, life isn't fair. We can be grown-ups about.

Just prepare yourself to see some faceboik updates that you could probably do. The airing of grievances are best done over email, telephone and brunch.

Likewise, starting a group about how "John Tucker must die," while possibly cathartic, smacks of sour grapes. Also, keep your photos safe for work.

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Facebook should devise a multiple-choice test for every new member. If he's still hanging out with his ex on a regular basis, that's a whole other post.

If there is cleavage, suggestive language, or a provocative pose involved, it's not a funny one. If you are, "Don't get upset if facebook dating etiquette doesn't change his relationship status to 'In daring Relationship' immediately," says one staffer.

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He'll get around to it eventually, or he'll naturally show you off in another way, such as by posting photos of you two. One exception: If he does display his relationship status and facebook dating etiquette says Single, you can kindly remind him he no longer is.

If the ego fluff they provide is more important than your current relationship, don't be in a relationship. This facebok you both move on in peace.

De-friend away! When you do comment or Like, make sure you have an appropriate reason.

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Facebook messenger is a terrible way to flirt with someone who is dating someone. What else do you think should be a hard-and-fast rule of social media? facebook dating etiquette

The nexus of the issue was something I've heard repeatedly from other women, and the censored version goes a little something like this: